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B. McGuire Designs is one of the premiere digital marketing firms in Atlanta that helps small businesses reach their goals with essential digital marketing tools and services designed to get customers pouring through their “virtual doorways.”

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Mastering Small Business Digital Marketing: DIY Tools, AI, and Chatbots Unleashed

Are you a small business owner looking to take your digital marketing efforts to the next level? Nowadays, it's crucial for small businesses to have a solid digital marketing strategy in place. The good news is that you don't need a huge budget or a team of experts to succeed in this realm. With the right tools and technology at your disposal, you can effectively navigate the digital landscape and unlock incredible growth opportunities for your business.
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Digital Marketing Journey Stage: Findability

Accurate Business Listings Everywhere.

80% of consumers lose trust in a business if their online information is incorrect.1 But, it's hard to keep up when your business information is listed (sometimes without your knowledge) in multiple locations. Get tools to help you keep your business information up-to-date, everywhere, from one central location.

Digital Marketing Journey Stage: Conversion

Chatbots for Lead Generation.

Lead generation chatbots can significantly increase a website's conversion rates by initiating conversations with potential customers and guiding them towards the desired action. By automating the process of answering routine queries, providing personalized recommendations, and capturing contact information, chatbots can save businesses both time and resources. It's time to harness the power of AI in your lead generation.

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Digital Marketing Journey Stage: Awareness

Rank High With Local SEO

76% of those who search for something nearby visit a business within a day and 28% of those searches result in a purchase.3 You want to be in the top of those searches so your business is prominent. You need an SEO strategy and a long-term plan to achieve and maintain those top rankings.

Digital Marketing Journey Stage: Reputation

Manage Your Business Reputation.

87% of consumers read online reviews before deciding to contact a business.2 Systematically collect positive reviews on sites that are important to your business, easily respond from one place, monitor where your business is mentioned, and promote your best reviews on your website and social media.

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I’m Brian McGuire, a life-long creative and accomplished corporate marketing professional. Based in Atlanta, GA, we help small businesses conquer digital marketing with world-class tools and guidance that bring the power of corporate marketing to small business owners. 

Every marketer has his or her own project approach. Mine is strategy built around YOUR ideal customer and their digital journey into your business.  

We are an Atlanta digital marketing agency that is rooted in the notion that a company’s story can be best told online when we look at the entire customer journey. We have a solid foundation in marketing and sales that informs our strategy process around the ideal customer profile for a business. Great creative rooted in great strategy.


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