5 Glaring Signs of Outdated Websites

Website design agencies exist all across the United States. While they provide tremendous benefits to businesses throughout the country, there are disadvantages you need to worry about.

5 Glaring Signs of Outdated Websites

Website design agencies exist all across the world. While they provide tremendous benefits to businesses, there are disadvantages you need to worry about. 

Some website design firms only focus on design and hand-off of a website. You’ll be responsible for providing maintenance to your own website.

You’ll have to train your team to ensure that they understand how to use your website. Finally, if you do ask your web agency for help to address issues, they may charge you upwards of $200 an hour for maintenance and repairs. 

After the initial design, a website should be regularly maintained. You should ask your website design firm if they offer regular website care service contracts. Here are five glaring signs of outdated websites…is yours one of them? 

1. Your Blog Isn’t Populated

Having a blog isn’t just beneficial for marketing purposes, it’s also a great way of letting your web visitors know that you’re still open for business. For example, what will they think if they saw that the last time you posted a blog was back in 2014?

They may question whether or not you’re actually still in business. Unfortunately, many websites have unpopulated blogs all the time. No one should have to spend more than $1,000 on a website that doesn’t even have an updated blog. 

2. There are Glaring Technical Issues

Another way to tell if a website has been neglected is if there are technical issues, such as:

  • Broken Email Addresses – If the email address on a website goes straight to a blackhole, then it’s most likely been neglected. For example, if the email address can’t receive email, then the website hasn’t been touched for years. 
  • Page Errors – If you run into a page that exhibits a 404 error, especially on a main page, then it’s safe to say that website has been neglected. 
  • Broken Links – The links you’re clicking on don’t lead anywhere, then that’s a clear sign that a website doesn’t receive regular support. 

Technical issues are almost always spotted during maintenance. Therefore, if a website has blatant technical issues, that is a red flag. 

3. Outdated Web Plugins

Most websites are created using a content management system (CMS) like WordPress, Wix, or Squarespace. These applications utilize web plugins to create basic functions like contact forms, chat bots, etc. 

Of course, these plugins need to be updated regularly to allow access for new features. Also, updated web plugins repair old bugs and glitches. Therefore, a neglected website will almost always feature outdated plugins. 

Unfortunately, not only are outdated web plugins embarrassing and damaging to your website, but they are also security hazards. Hackers regularly gain access to websites through unsecure plugins

4. Inaccurate Contact Information

A business’ contact information can change over the years. If your website is more than a decade old, then it’s important to check if the contact information is out of date. In the previous section, we discussed how a broken email address can impact your website. 

A neglected website also has a wrong address and number, so be on your guard. 

5. Inaccurate About Us Page

Another small sign that a website has been neglected is an inaccurate about page. Many websites undergo changes in leadership and personnel. Sometimes, these changes aren’t reflected on the company website.

While web visitors may not know, customers who work with that business may take notice. This is an embarrassing yet simple fix, indicating that a website isn’t receiving maintenance. 

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