5 Things To Do Before You Start a Web Design

Are you getting ready to launch a new web design and want to give yourself a leg up in the crowded digital marketplace? Your website is the first impression you give to potential customers, and the best way to stand out above the competition is with a distinctive, attractive, and functional front page. That’s why it’s important to hire the best web designer Atlanta offers. At B. McGuire Designs, we’re ready to help, starting with advice on what you need to do before hiring a web designer.

Know Your Web Design Goals

Every website should be designed specifically to meet its goals, and the best way to get an excellent result from your web designer is to have a plan of action. Look around for websites that speak to you and serve a similar purpose as yours and use them to draft an outline of your website’s design. Once you know what you want a website to do, it’s easier to help your web designer match your wishes.

Create a List of Bullet Points

At your first meeting with your web designer, you’ll get the best results if you already know what you want and can explain it in a quick and easy way. That’s why it’s best to have a bulleted list of your website priorities. Your web designer will find it easier to create a plan of action and align the design and function of your website to your priorities…and you’ll be on the same page from the start.

Know Your Budget

Think of your website like building a house. You’re not working with a flat payment: you’re budgeting in all the individual elements you want and the labor it takes to create them. Every web designer has their own guide to rates, and you’ll discuss specifics with them at your first meeting, but it helps to have a guide to start. If you know your maximum budget, your web designer will find it easier to lay out an affordable services package.

Lay Out the Website

This is the part where you visualize what you want your website to look like and what function you want each page to have. Create a map of your page and how each will lead to the other. Not only will this make it easier for your web designer to estimate the budget and a plan of action, but they’ll be able to quickly make suggestions on how to make the website more intuitive for visitors.

Know Your Launch Plan

This is important because it’ll help your web designer set up a timeline for building the website. If you’re rushing to get to market and need a website in a hurry, web designers can build that into the cost. If you have certain features you want to be emphasized on launch day, the designer can make that the priority. The more complete your plan is, the easier it is for your web designer to meet your vision.

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