6 Reasons Why Online Reviews Are Important

Online reviews are important for both consumers and businesses. Consumers want to know that they are making a good decision when purchasing a product or service, so many read online reviews before making their decision.
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Online reviews are important for both consumers and businesses. Consumers want to know that they are making a good decision when purchasing a product or service, so many read online reviews before making their decision.

Businesses need online reviews because it allows them to stay in touch with customers and find out what is working and what isn’t working for their company. More importantly, online reviews help businesses rank better for local searches and improve their revenue.

Online Reviews are Important Because They Build Trust

It is easier for consumers to trust online reviews written by other customers more than a company’s marketing copy. For example, if an individual writes that they had a good experience with the business and their product or service was great, it is likely that person will leave positive feedback about them.

If the person leaves negative comments on an issue they faced while trying to make a purchase from this company, then it becomes much harder for others who read this review to trust a company.

Positive Reviews Carry a Lot of Weight

A positive review from a customer can make or break the decision for another person to buy that product.

If someone writes on their blog about how they had an amazing experience with the business and wants everyone to know, it is likely people will take what this individual says as truth because of their good reputation and credibility in the community.

This same thing goes for negative reviews, but not quite as much because there are many factors outside of one post that may have led up to why a consumer was unhappy with the service they received.

Online Reviews are Important Because They Help With Search

Online reviews can help with SEO by bringing a business higher in search rankings.

According to a recent Moz study, online reviews make up 15% of Google local pack ranking factors. That means that having a good quantity of recent and positive reviews will have a significant contribution toward whether a business is listed in the coveted “map pack” in Google searches.

Negative Reviews Can Negate Positive Reviews

Almost all companies know that negative reviews can hurt their revenue and ranking on search engines.

If a business has 100 positive online reviews with one or two negatives, then it is very likely they will be able to outrank other businesses that have more negatives than positives.

This also works the opposite way: if an individual has 100 negative reviews but only one positive comment, it becomes much harder for them to rank well in Google because of how low-quality their rating is overall.

Online Reviews Can Impact Purchasing Decisions

People are more likely to buy a product or service if they see that the reviews for it have been at least good.

If someone sees online reviews with mainly bad feedback about a company, then there is no way of knowing whether or not any of those people were just having an off day and what may be true for other customers who use this business regularly.

Online Reviews Keep Customers Coming Back

Positive customer experiences can keep consumers coming back again and again because they know that they will get the same quality experience every time.

Negative reviews from one individual might lead many others in the community to stay away from buying products or services from this particular company out of fear their needs won’t be met as well as before.

Need Help Collecting Online Reviews?

Online reviews help businesses gain trust from consumers. It also can impact conversion rates and draw repeat customers. However, collecting online reviews can be a tall task if you’re busy running a business.

Our Reputation Management solutions can help automate generating online reviews for your business. Contact us to get started today!

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