Avoid These 5 Common Website Design Mistakes

common website design mistakes
Website design is a complicated discipline. Websites are enormous projects where a lot of different things can go wrong. If you plan on developing your own website, then you’re going to face the concerns of ensuring that your project is a successful one.

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Avoid These 5 Common Website Design Mistakes

Website design is a complicated discipline. Websites are enormous projects where a lot of different things can go wrong. If you plan on developing your own website, then you’re going to face the concerns of ensuring that your project is a successful one. 

Part of this goal is watching out for costly website design mistakes that can dampen its impact and reach. To help you ultimately create a great website or make the decision to delegate this task, here are five website design mistakes you should avoid. In general, many of these mistakes are driven from the website owner aligning the design to his own personal preferences rather than aligning it to a strategy to optimize engagement with the ideal customer profile.

1. Having Too Much Going On

Most websites nowadays employ a minimalist design. This helps visitors to quickly get where they want to go without getting easily confused. Minimalist website designs are usually more effective for this very reason

In contrast, having a website where too much is going on can not only be a bad eyesore, but it’s also a horrible inhibitor of your website’s user experience (UX). Just take a look at this monstrosity:

common website design mistakes

Everything about this website can give visitors a headache. There are too many colors happening, different font styles, and no clear direction for web visitors to go. Website designs like this should be avoided at all costs. 

2. Having Too Little Going On

Again, implementing a minimalist website design is usually the way to go. However, some minimalist websites don’t make a bold statement or first impression. In fact, they confuse website visitors altogether. 

For example, a person viewing this website will have no idea on where to go. Also, the design is far too underwhelming for anyone to take this business seriously. 

common website design mistakes

A better minimalist website will feature an obvious navigation menu and smooth colors and visuals:

common website design mistakes

This is a perfect example of how you still have to add sufficient elements to your website in order to make a statement to potential customers. 

3. Having a Confusing Website

Remember when websites looked like this:

common website design mistakes

The problem is that anyone looking at this website doesn’t know how to do anything. Of course, this website looks like an eyesore now, but many websites still lack a clear direction. 

Keep your website simple and to the point. Use clear images, highlighted text, and other elements to communicate to website visitors what you want them to do. 

4. Having a Horrible Call-to-Action

When a person visits your website and leaves without doing anything, their session is deemed as a collosal failure. After all, your website wasn’t designed to look great. It’s supposed to convert leads into paying customers.

A call-to-action (CTA) is a statement or button that tells potential customers to call, visit, or interact with your business. CTAs must be clear and positioning at the right time. Here is an example of a horrible CTA:

common website design mistakes

To begin, this CTA was placed directly on the homepage, not giving visitors any time to browse the products and form an opinion about this brand. Also, the CTA is quite confusing. The images are large, while the actual buttons are too small. 

5. Not Using Enough Whitespace

For websites that rely on using a lot of text to inform their target audiences, using enough whitespace to give readers a break is critical. Otherwise, your website will look something like this:

common website design mistakes

When a person sees something like this, they’re naturally going to sigh and avoid reading all of that content by skimming. That’s if they continue reading at all. Use whitespace to give eyes a break and improve the visibility of your most important web pages. 

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