Steward Website Care

Our Website Care plans are perfect for businesses who can’t afford to employ a WordPress website manager in house, or don’t have time to keep sites updated themselves. These high value services go well beyond managed hosting services to truly care for your website by a local team you know and trust.

$80 monthly

Comprehensive Website Maintenance

The Steward Website Care plan is comprehensive website maintenance perfect for businesses that don’t have the budget or time to employ an in-house website manager but need proactive management of their website for performance, security and user experience. Part of our family of website care plans, Steward website maintenance provides secure hosting on high performance Vultr cloud server infrastructure. Our local team goes far beyond traditional hosting services to keep your website software updated, tested after all updates, monitored for any security threats and application of industry-leading paid plugins for optimization and improved SEO ranking.

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comprehensive website maintenance

Comprehensive website maintenance services that go well beyond traditional managed hosting to give business owners peace of mind that their website is secure and optimized for performance.

Cloud Infrastructure

High speed, secure U.S. cloud-based servers with daily backup of your entire website

A Team You Trust

You're not an account to us...we know you, we care about you and we care about your website.

Added Value

We apply tools we've licensed to help improve your website security and performance.

Comprehensive website maintenance in the Steward Website Care plan includes...

Local Servers

We host your website on a high performance cloud-based server in a data center near your business location.

Software Updates

Update WordPress core and plugins software as needed to address vulnerabilities and apply enhancements.

Post-Update Checks

Quality control checks of website following any updates to help ensure design, function and operability.

Security Monitoring

Continuous security monitoring for unusual activity which could be an indication of attacks or malware.

Uptime Monitoring

Continuous monitoring of server uptime and troubleshooting with server operations if downtime is detected.

Optimize Databases

Routine optimization of databases to free space and help improve website response time and performance.

Check Broken Links

Routine check for any broken links and redirect as appropriate to help maintain a high quality user experience.

Spam Removal

Despite best efforts, websites often collect spam comments on blogs or in forms. We routinely clean identified spam.

Performance Scan

Routine scan of website performance for speed and other factors which affect user experience and search indexing.


We leverage a Content Delivery Network (CDN) so your website loads quickly for users in locations worldwide.

Email Deliverability

Elastic Email transactional email service and agency-level plugin to improve email deliverability from website.

Image Optimization

As you and your users add images, we apply compression including serving modern WebP formats.


Multiple caching mechanisms are employed to improve your website's performance and speed.

Support Desk

Fast response to questions, concerns and requests through our support desk to track respond and keep you informed.

Monthly Report

We let you know anytime we perform a custom action and we provide a comprehensive monthly report.


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