Why You Should Design Your Website for Your Customers, Not You

When you’re designing a new website, it’s natural to pick the fonts, colors, and styles you prefer. After all, it’s your website and you’re paying a lot of money for it. At first, it seems like your opinion is the only one that matters.
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It may seem obvious, but we have to talk about why you should design your website for your customers. When you’re designing a new website, it’s natural to pick the fonts, colors, and styles you prefer. After all, it’s your website and you’re paying a lot of money for it. At first, it seems like your opinion is the only one that matters.

In reality, that’s not true. 

When you truly think about it, your website is supposed to convert incoming prospects into paying customers. Therefore, it’s supposed to appear in a way that’s attractive to your ideal customer.

If your website falls short of this goal, then you’re ultimately going to waste a lot of time and money building it in the first place. So, what is the importance of designing your website for your target buyer persona?

It Sets a Great First Impression

In business, it takes about seven seconds to make a first impression on potential customers. However, it can take less than 0.2 seconds to make the same impression with a website


In the case of business partnerships, potential customers are usually more welcoming to what you have to say. On the internet, there are trillions of available websites. If your website doesn’t match what your audience is looking for, they can always go somewhere else. 

For this reason, you should avoid creating a website just for yourself. Your website should model the strict expectations of people you’re targeting. Otherwise, you could miss out on wide-open sales opportunities. 

Design Your Website for your Customers…because it is for your customers

Remember; your website’s mission is to convert visitors into leads and customers. So, staying focused on designing your website for your customers supports that mission. You may believe that having a website with all the bells and whistles will be worth it, when in reality, it’s much more than your buyer wants to see. 

For example, a company selling t-shirts will usually have a very simple website design, especially if they’re selling a limited number of products. With that said, does it make sense for the website to have a resource center and numerous company pages describing your business?

People are just coming to your website to buy a t-shirt and nothing more? In the same way, you should design a website that captures exactly what your audience is looking for. 

Certain Customer Segments Demand It

A website is more than just a digital business card – it’s an entire marketing concept called a funnel. Basically, website visitors or prospects enter the website and hopefully will come out paying customers. 

To navigate potential customers from your homepage to checkout, it’s important to design your website that way they’ll prefer it. This means:

  • Making your website look less cluttered. 
  • Avoiding unnecessary pages and elements.
  • Modeling your website like a funnel instead of a fan page.

Website design agencies are highly experienced in creating successful websites your audience will love. If you’re wanting to recreate an existing one or develop a website from scratch, we can definitely help.

You Can Improve Conversions

When you build your website the right way, more traffic will come. This will open the door for increased sales opportunities that increase your conversions and revenue. To put it simply, the best websites give customers exactly what they want. 

Ignoring your own best judgment, you can follow your developer’s advice in creating a website that aligns with your target audience. You can also surpass any competitor websites online with a design that speaks to potential customers instead of your own personal preferences. 

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