6 Growth Benefits of a Digital Marketing Dashboard for Small Business

A small business owner wears many hats and often tries to juggle many different tools and systems for online marketing. A Digital Marketing Dashboard can transform the work to stay on top of a business' online presence and provide insights that were once only available to corporate marketing departments.

Digital marketing dashboards provide an at-a-glance view of performance metrics and KPIs across all digital channels. By tracking important data points, dashboards help small business owners identify opportunities, optimize spend, and measure results.

A small business owner may already be using some dashboard tools like Google Analytics, but these only tell part of the overall digital marketing story for a business. Bringing the entire online customer journey together into one, easy-to-understand, dashboard can truly transform the way a small business grows via online channels.

Digital marketing dashboards provide an overview of performance metrics and KPIs for all digital channels.

Digital marketing dashboards provide an overview of performance metrics and KPIs for all digital channels. By displaying this data in one place, marketers can quickly identify areas of improvement and take action to improve their campaigns. Additionally, dashboards allow users to track progress over time and spot trends that may not be immediately apparent.

digital marketing dashboard business center from b. mcguire designs
Business Center from B. McGuire Designs

They help small business owners identify opportunities, optimize campaigns, and measure results.

Digital marketing dashboards can be extremely helpful for small business owners who are looking to identify opportunities, optimize spend, and measure results. By visualizing data in an easily digestible format, dashboards can give marketers a clear picture of how their efforts are performing and where they should focus their energies. Additionally, many dashboards allow users to customize the information that is displayed, making it even easier to get a granular view of campaign performance.

Dashboards track important data points to show how a company is performing against its goals.

Digital marketing dashboards are an important tool for tracking a company’s progress and performance against its goals. By tracking key data points, dashboards can show how a company is progressing and identify areas where improvements need to be made. Dashboards can also help companies track their competitors and see how they are performing in relation to their own goals.

Summarize your online reputation with a digital marketing dashboard

Dashboards can assist with online reputation management as well. A summary of recent reviews and mentions in social media give a small business owner insight into what is being said about the business and to be part of the conversation. Some dashboards also provide sentiment analysis of keywords for at-a-glance understanding what is being mentioned positively or negatively.

digital marketing dashboard reputation management
Reputation Management Dashboard

Identify and engage with your audience with a digital marketing dashboard

One of the most important goals to measure with a digital marketing dashboard is the growth of a company’s online audience. Identifying who that is, where they are discussing the company and what they are saying are all important factors to tracking how a business is doing. Some dashboards also provide tools to engage directly with the audience through contact information, social media profiles, online review responses, and more.

Improve your digital marketing strategy with a digital marketing dashboard

Integrating a digital marketing dashboard with key online channels gives businesses insight into the performance of their online marketing efforts. Understanding how well a company website is performing, how often a company blog is visited, how many times a company email newsletter has been forwarded, how many social media followers a company has, how often a company’s online ads are clicked on and much more all give a business owner insight into how their online marketing is doing.

There is no shortage of digital marketing tools available to small business owners. The challenge is that there are so many and, separately, they don’t tell a cohesive digital marketing story. B. McGuire Designs is dedicated to helping small businesses get the kind of insight and digital marketing tools used by large marketing departments. Our free Business Center is a great place for small businesses to start with digital marketing dashboards.

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