How to Use Digital Marketing & Analytics to Improve Customer Experience

In today’s technological landscape, digital marketing & analytics have become the driving force behind the success of businesses worldwide. Companies that successfully utilize the power of these tools can significantly improve their consumer’s online experiences and create lifelong customers. Most importantly: a personalized, enjoyable customer experience isn’t just reserved for global businesses with global marketing budgets! Keep reading to see how local companies here in Atlanta, GA can harness the power of consumer experience.

Using Digital Marketing & Analytics to Improve Customer Experience

Customer Feedback

Sometimes the simplest solution provides the most valuable answers. When your goal is improving a user’s experience, go straight to the source and ask them to share! Both free and paid tools that can be used to collect customer feedback are available to businesses. Once compiled, this feedback provides valuable insights into pain points, shows your strongest and weakest content, and highlights other areas for improvement.

Optimize SEO

Consumers are smart. They know what they want, and they’re searching for it, too. A vital aspect of customer experience is ensuring the user finds what they expect when they click a link to your site. Why is that so important? Because in today’s digital age, outstanding customer service starts the first time a customer visits you: online! With top-notch SEO (search engine optimization), a company builds credibility, trustworthiness, and loyalty among consumers.

Living Local in Atlanta Requires Local SEO Practices

  • Claim your Google Busines Profile
  • Have consistent contact information
  • Use location-specific keywords
  • Post reviews from local customers
  • Link to other local businesses

Nearly anyone can improve their website’s SEO. But when it comes down to it, search engine optimization is an ever-changing and constantly evolving science. Using an experienced SEO specialist will be the most reliable way to achieve genuine and sustainable search ranking improvement.

Functionality and Accessibility

We’d bet everyone has experienced visiting a website that is filled with broken links, content that takes several minutes to load, or a mobile screen filled with overlapping text and images. We recommend doing everything possible to avoid irritating potential customers.

The best way to do so is to make sure your site is built correctly from day 1. Of course, that isn’t always possible, so the second best thing to do is make a habit of visiting your site throughout the week. During each visit, check different sections and click through any links.

Pay attention to how quickly your site loads on different devices and platforms. Be sure to stay on top of platform updates and patches. Test that your links send users to the correct destination (outbound links, too!). Most importantly, make sure that you enjoy the experience.


There are thousands of tools available to businesses today, all promising to help companies develop business plans, increase market shares, drive traffic, spread a message, generate growth, compile data, analyze metrics, boost profit margins, and above all, achieve success. With such an immense amount of options, and more being released every day, savvy CEOs are turning to all-in-one platforms that can assess the tools each company needs and provide customized packages within a single platform.

All-in-one digital marketing agencies, like B. McGuire Designs, have experts on-hand to provide site monitoring, maintenance, data insights, technical support, and more. Not only does this method of streamlining save money, but it also takes the headache out of choosing and mastering every separate system, program, and platform for each individual tool. Get in touch with B. McGuire Designs now to discover how we can help jumpstart your company’s online presence.

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