Why Your Landing Page Design Impacts its Performance

Why Your Landing Page Design Impacts its Performance

Advertising, marketing, and sales all meet at one point. When a successful advertising breeds new leads that visit your website, a powerful marketing tool known as a landing page can transform these potential customers into a loyal fanbase.

Thus, the sales process can take shape. Landing pages designed to house new leads that “land” on the page to learn more about a particular offering you have. Whether you’re marketing an upcoming sale or promoting a series of webinars, creating a landing page is an essential first step. 

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However, any old landing page won’t work. The design you use will ultimately play a huge role in the success of the page. Are you interested in learning why? Here is everything you need to know about the impact landing page design has on its performance. 

Design Sets the First Impression

In a recent article, Crazy Egg mentioned an anecdotal study to determine the impact web design has on a consumer’s choice to continue on with the sales process. The results were definitely interesting. 

In the study, 15 people were asked to visit a website to find important health information. After this task was done, the participants were told to discuss their first impressions of the websites they visited. 

94% of these impressions were based on design and 6% were based on content. This speaks volumes about the performance of landing pages. When a potential customer visits a landing page, they expect you to keep their attention. 

This means you should utilize a vibrant design that will provide the oomph to your target audience and captivate them into learning more about your products and services. 

Design Can Be Interactive

Interactive landing pages have become a popular trend lately. Having an interactive landing page adds more value that your audience can take advantage of. For example, if you’re offering accounting services, you could include a financial calculator to help web visitors understand their current financial position. 

Lyft’s landing page features a calculator where you can estimate your potential earnings based on how many hours you work and where you live. 

landing page design lyft example

There are so many great things about this landing page. The simple elegant picture, brief form, and simple copy are all positives. But, the most important factor is the calculator at the bottom. 

The calculator appeals to job-seekers whose main attraction is earning money. The calculator allows prospective job-seekers to see how much they can earn before committing to a sign-up.

After seeing their earning potential, people will become more inclined to sign up to become a Lyft driver. This is a great example of how an interactive landing page design can contribute to the effectiveness of the entire page. 

Design Can Be Simple

Most people dread creating landing pages for their websites. They fear that the task will take too much time and include too many elements. This can especially be concerning if you need multiple landing pages for different products or industries. 

Fortunately, your landing page design can be completely simple and yet so powerful. Check out how one of the world’s most profitable companies, HubSpot, designed one of its landing pages:

landing page design hubspot example

This landing page features a simple and dynamic design. Web visitors can request a demo for the product they’re looking for without having to dissect a lot of copy and images.

Simple landing pages like this are easy to construct and generally keep visitors on your website longer, making them more likely to convert. 

Design Your Landing Page Today!

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Feature photo by NEW DATA SERVICES on Unsplash

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