Launching New Site for Truman Griffin

We have recently completed and launched a new online presence for Atlanta personal trainer, Truman Griffin. The new website provides online appointment scheduling, virtual training sessions and integrates a new gift card program. The new features help provide increased visibility and current revenue for this small business at a time in-person sessions are not always practical due to social distancing requirements.

truman griffin fitness b mcguire designs

The new website for Truman Griffin Fitness provides the business and its customers with new ways to engage online. An integrated appointment schedule system allows clients to book time directly without back and forth. It also integrates the ability to purchase gift cards directly on the website. Business owner, Truman Griffin, said, ?The idea to incorporate gift cards was Brian?s and I immediately loved it.? Gift cards allow website visitors to purchase future sessions for themselves or as gifts and the sales provide income to the business at the time of sale. ?Being able to sell online gift cards helps me drive revenue now at a time when it is needed most and gives my loyal clients a way to support my business or give the gift of fitness,? said Griffin.

Also, newly featured in the website redesign, are virtual personal training sessions. These can be booked in the new online appointment system and allow both trainer and client to work together in separate locations.

A custom-built administration area allows Truman to manage appointments, testimonials and other aspects of the website. It also includes video tutorials and help articles both for Truman and for onboarding new staff members.

Read more about this project here.

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