Online Booking for Party Plan Businesses

For those with party plan businesses, the next booking is the path to business growth. Give today's consumers what they want with an easy way to book their next party with you online.

For those in the party plan business, being able to keep a flow of new bookings is critical. Online booking for party plan businesses is coming into its own and offers a number of unique, fun and engaging ways to let customers book their party.

Online appointment booking gives both the business owner and the customer a great way to quickly find an available date for a new booking.

Booking at a Party

If you’re in the party plan business, you’ve certainly learned that the best time to book a new party is at your current party. Guests are having a great time and they are at their peak engagement level. Giving them an easy way to book on their mobile device right then is a great way to get new bookings and make them stick. With CalendarHero, you will be able to create unique personal booking links that you can share at a party and let guests easily find an available date and book their party.

Combine this great at-party experience with prizes and other incentives you traditionally use. The well-proven booking incentives and online booking work great together!

Give Existing Customers an Easy Re-Booking Experience

For your existing customers, give them an easy way to re-book with you. Your online appointment booking link can be shared in newsletters, emails, text messages and more. You’re working hard to stay top of mind with your existing customers…take the friction out of booking a new party with you.

online appointment booking
Online Appointment Booking

You’re In Control

You set the days, times you’re available. CalendarHero integrates with your Google or Outlook calendar as well so that new bookings show on your calendar and Thursday night shows as unavailable because of that dance recital you have on your calendar. It gives you complete control to control scarcity of booking slots to help drive bookings as well.

Learn more about online appointment booking with CalendarHero and implement it into your party plan business today! The B. McGuire Designs staff is always here to answer questions and help you get up and running.

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