5 Proven Ways to Optimize Your Facebook Business Page

Your Facebook business page is a vital part of your brand's online ecosystem. With 2.7 billion people in its database, the social networking site has become an invaluable tool for businesses of all sizes. A well-optimized Facebook page will help you attract more customers, make more sales, and build a loyal customer base.

Your Facebook business page is a vital part of your brand’s online ecosystem. With 2.7 billion people in its database, the social networking site has become an invaluable tool for businesses of all sizes. A well-optimized Facebook page will help you attract more customers, make more sales, and build a loyal customer base. 

Your website should be the central core of your online presence, however, you need a connected network of multiple positions for your brand to build an online ecosystem. With your website as the hub, think of these other sites as spokes. A Facebook business page is one of those spokes you should have. Here are 5 ways to optimize your Facebook page to help power your online presence.  

Ensure Your Facebook Business Page is Complete 

A completed Facebook business page is the foundation of success on one of the largest global social networks and a place where clients come for content and information. Since Facebook today is the second place (after search queries) where many users search for information, it has become a necessary promotional tool. Today, there are many elements to pay attention to if you want a Facebook page to perfectly follow the image of your company and, of course, be visited:

  • About section: fill in all the fields within the ‘About’ section. Exact opening hours by day, location, phone numbers, and email addresses are required. Try to write specific information about the company/brand in the description that could be of interest to fans and visitors, and be sure to add links to the website and other social networks if you have them. Regardless of the audience you address, the description must be unique. Forget about long texts that no one will read, but be careful not to omit some important details that can be of benefit to fans to be concise. It is important to note that the ‘About Us’ section also functions as a meta description for search engines. Therefore, write it thoughtfully using keywords to be well ranked on Google search engine.
  • Profile and cover photo/video section: The next item to look out for when customizing a Facebook page is to use the appropriate visuals. Everything you post you want to capture the attention of existing and new fans you are addressing. When it comes to profile photography, you can’t go wrong with the logo, and it’s allowed, even desirable, to play around from time to time and change its background to ‘refresh’ the profile. As with any other medium, trends in design and photography on social media are driven by users’ tendency for diversity. To pique their curiosity and produce the much-desired “thumb-stopping” moment as they scroll through the feed, avoid using outdated design. Instead, opt for high-quality photos or videos that contain creative elements.

Make it Actionable 

CTA buttons have been introduced to achieve your business goals faster. These are categories on the Facebook business page for different purposes – buying, booking, downloading the application… For example, “Shop Now” is a useful tool that allows you to turn your fans into real customers. This is a section that you can add to the Facebook page and show the products you sell. The option is free and Facebook does not take any percentage of the sales you make there, and you can very easily connect your Facebook shop to a web store.

In addition to the call-to-action Shop, there are also Book Now, Contact Us, Use App, Play Game, Sign Up and Watch Video. Use them depending on the nature of the work you do and use their full potential. With the growing popularity of other social networks and the announcement of a change in the way the news feed currently works, some are questioning the need of having a Facebook page. Of course, Facebook may not be the best promotion channel for everyone, but if you have had good results on it so far, there is no reason not to continue to achieve the set goals on the largest global social network.

Boost its Visibility

After presenting paid ads, Facebook has drastically reduced the organic reach of posts on Facebook pages from year to year. In 2015, organic reach was around 5%, and today it is a miserable 1.5%. Specifically, if you have 1000 fans who liked your Facebook page, then only 15 people see your post on that page. Unfortunately, many users are to be blamed for such a small reach because they make mistakes when posting content and they are running away from using paid ads. Depending on the topic of the page, and how many likes it has, it also depends on how much the activity will increase

In addition to the fact that users can like your Facebook business page, they can also take a few additional actions to increase reach. First of all, you can set in the additional options of the Like button to make your posts appear among the first on the news feed – which means that users will come to your content more often. Another thing users can do is turn on notifications to be notified at all times when they post some content on the page. You can also include the Facebook button in your email signature and on your website to drive traffic from one online location to another. 

Lastly, if used properly, paid ads can bring you more potential customers with only one click. You should also have in mind that an efficient paid ad has an optimal combination of interesting content, appealing graphics, correct audience, and the right time. If you are afraid you do not know where to start, it is a good thing, at least at the beginning, to hire a professional who can help you to set up the basis for the Facebook campaign. 

Keep Your Facebook Business Page Current

If social networks were easy to lead, social networks would be managed by everyone! But if you want to stay in the game, you should make consistency, accuracy, and recency a part of your Facebook strategy. Post on Facebook regularly, which will make your clients think of your brand and products more often. You will always be in the back of their mind as they will read your posts daily. 

If you have that kind of a business, try encouraging your clients to post on your Facebook page as well, as you can use it as a source of information and inspiration for new posts. You can also find out what engages your clients, and adapt your strategy towards it. 

When you publish the same or similar content from day to day – it becomes tedious for users. It is recommended that you design some new different content every day that will make your posts interesting. Experiment with different types of posts to see which type of post brings you the best results. Diversity is the path to greater organic reach on Facebook.

Use the Tools Facebook Provides

Why do the most successful businesses use social media marketing tools? Because they have a very specific end goal, which is to improve the quality of their marketing campaigns and therefore improve the results.

Each tool solves a specific problem. When it comes to Facebook marketing, there are a lot of “problems” and challenges along the way.

Here are some of the benefits of integrating digital tools into your Facebook marketing strategies:

  • They help maintain and improve the awareness and reputation of your brand.
  • They help manage Facebook ad campaigns (offering improved solutions, ideas, and time-saving options)
  • They help manage and improve customer relationships.
  • They help with event tracking, engagement and leadership – this leads to improved social responsibility.
  • They improve your understanding of your target audience by offering incredibly useful insights for effective tracking.

One way you can use tools to your advantage is by getting more positive reviews to strengthen your online presence and increase your credibility. Reviews are the experience users have when purchasing a product or using a service. In the past decade, they have become an increasingly important step in the purchase decision. Online reviews represent modern “Word of mouth” marketing. Customers trust other customers more than the companies themselves.

Unlike popular search engines where people search for information – about products, events, or general/professional information they need at a given time – social networks are a different way of using the internet. Social networks form a micro online community to which friends and acquaintances belong. Such a community communicates with each other, comments, likes, shares, tweets, and retweets brand information. Facebook is still among the most popular ones, and missing the opportunity to optimize it is losing a big potential of your market. Contact us to learn more about the opportunities that the Facebook business page has and how it can help your business to scale and succeed.

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