5 Important Pandemic Digital Marketing Lessons That are Here to Stay

The COVID-19 global pandemic has taught us much about many things. Working with businesses this past year to evolve their online marketing strategy has taught us several lessons as well. As the world emerges from the pandemic, there are 5 key lessons that every business owner should take into account in their long-term online marketing strategies.

The COVID-19 global pandemic has taught us much about many things. Working with businesses this past year to evolve their online marketing strategy has taught us several lessons as well. As the world emerges from the pandemic, there are 5 key lessons that every business owner should take into account in their long-term online marketing strategies.

Pandemic Digital Marketing Lessons 1: Communication

Good communication is the key to business success

Any situation in which, as a service provider or product seller, we must remember that the customer is always right, is also an opportunity for good business communication. One of the pandemic digital marketing lessons learned is that communication is critical on all fronts. Sometimes it will not be easy for us, but we have to remember that quality communication is good for our business in the long run.

In the digital age, in addition to local, we have also gained global competition. There are a lot of services that the client will continue to seek locally, but will have an expanded perspective – without leaving their home. Even in COVID-19 lockdown, clients have an overview of different solutions for what they are looking for thanks to Google and similar search queries.

With the expansion of potential solutions comes higher expectations. If your client is not satisfied with your product or service, it will go to your competitors. Higher expectations are not exclusively related to the product or service itself. There is also an increase in expectations in business communication, on the topic of products or services. When buying online, clients expect a satisfactory response in the shortest possible time, just like they are in a physical shop. Give your customers a great experience online!

Pandemic Digital Marketing Lessons 2: Role of Your Website

Your website is central to your online marketing strategy

The sudden appearance of the coronavirus surprised absolutely everyone. No one expected it, especially such catastrophic consequences. Many businesses were caught unprepared, and experienced the consequences and decline in business, while the rest felt the consequences in the coming months and years.

If you were skeptical about investing your money, time, and energy into your website, another of the pandemic digital marketing lessons showed why some of the businesses went south while others’ results went through the roof. Website, as a 24/7 representative of your business, can stand the test of time – if it is maintained with care and smart strategic thinking. Enough relevant information, engaging and updated content, an easy and intuitive user journey, and appealing web design enhance the chances of a successful purchase.

As we already mentioned, buying online is different from traditional buying in the store. Purchasing a service/product online is under greater consumer control, as they collect and request information about products or services on various websites before making a purchase decision, while in physical stores the seller can suggest a product and influence the purchase. This is one of the main reasons why you should focus on your building a quality website when creating an online marketing strategy for your business.

Pandemic Digital Marketing Lessons 3: Digital Marketing and Empathy

Show empathy but also engage them in using your website

Covid-19 tests all of our ways of working so far and forces us to change plans like never before. We now realize that planning processes were often long, complicated, and outdated. Instead, we should follow the “three golden rules”. Communication should be clear, precise, and planned so that we know what we need to do and say before we need to. It also has to include empathy.

Show your clients that you understand them and care during these times. It is extremely important that companies communicate prudently without panic and do not become prey to misinformation. If applicable, communicate healthy measures when coming to your physical store, playroom, or hotel.

People who are expecting or are already in a lockdown need to have fun and divert their thoughts to something else more than ever before. Through partnerships and smart use of professional content creators and with the appropriate platform, everyone can create effective and fun content that is definitely in demand. Also, gaming and live streaming represent great potential for companies and brands to reach their target audience in a new way.

Pandemic Digital Marketing Lessons 4: Know Your Ideal Customer

Stay focused on your ideal customer but don’t forget emerging buyers

Although doing business today is much more complex than before, your ideal customer still has the same needs and challenges he wants to address and solve. Do not lose them as this is a great chance to offer them a “way out” when their heads are filled with worries and other problems. You can help them to solve at least some problems with your services/products, and reaching them at the right time increases the chance of a successful sale.

Because different sectors and places feel the consequences of new circumstances in different ways and different generations experience the “new normal” in different ways, tailored communication remains crucial. Companies and brands need to communicate correctly with consumers whose focus and lifestyle habits may have changed. Generation Z faces a world that looks very different from anything experienced by previous generations whether it was education, travel, or temporary jobs. There is no denying that this period will be challenging for young people, but for some, this is an opportunity to tailor their path and create an independent income inflow.

You have to ask yourself: How can your brand or business help young people define, create, and build their lifestyle and career?

Pandemic Digital Marketing Lessons 5: Virtual is Here to Stay

Virtual will remain a reality post-pandemic

Although all of us would like things going back to like they were, we have to start accepting that this is the new “normal”. That being said, businesses experience a huge drift from face-to-face communication and selling to communicating with a greater faceless audience almost every day. And while this means your pool of potential customers has expanded, you also gained more competitors who are doing the same – fighting for that little piece of the market.

In that fight, the most valuable ally is your website. You must learn how to translate the words, mimics, tone of voice, and other non-verbal communication to letters in the virtual world without losing touch with the real communication.

Precisely because of the importance of the website, but also the situation in which we find ourselves, it is very important that you entrust the creation of the website to professionals, and avoid using free themes to create a website since you will have a website like thousands of other people in the world, which you don’t want as you will drown in the pool of similar designs.

While large companies generally keep pace with trends and modern ways of doing business, many smaller companies realized the need for a website or webshop now. Having a website is not only to sell products and services but also an opportunity to present yourself and your company in the way people will find it attractive, informative, and needed.

At B. McGuire Designs we can help you bring your business voice to the digital age and implement some of these pandemic digital marketing lessons which will serve your business well for awhilte. Contact us for more information and let’s get this party started! 

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