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Capture more leads while you sleep with an AI chatbot that can be trained to answer questions about your business and then follow-up on leads.

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Welcome to Inbox Pro: Your Ultimate AI Lead Generation Solution

Why Choose Inbox Pro?

Capture and convert more leads with a shared inbox designed to help small businesses improve customer communication by bringing conversations from multiple sources into a single location. Equipped with multi-channel integrations such as Instagram, Facebook pages, SMS, and an AI-powered webchat widget, all communication is centralized to facilitate rapid response times that will impress your customers and prospects alike.

Capture and convert more leads in less time

Respond, capture, and convert new business quickly with all inbound leads centralized in one place. Reply to messages coming in through Facebook Messenger, website forms, and Instagram, right from your client portal. Chat via email or SMS from Inbox too to conduct all customer communication from one place.

Increase ROI on lead generation expenditures

Invest in SEO and ad campaigns to attract more leads with confidence. AI-assisted web chat lead capture ensures prompt responses and captures contact information to help you acquire new customers.

Improve the customer experience through teamwork

Collaborate on customer acquisition, sales, and support communication through a shared inbox where your whole team can collaborate on great customer communication.

How Inbox Pro Works

  1. Deploy: Integrate AI Webchat seamlessly with your website.
  2. Engage: The AI chatbot interacts with visitors, answering their questions and collecting lead information.
  3. Convert: Convert interested visitors into leads and guide them through the sales funnel.


Q: How does the AI web chat lead capture work?
A: When you’re hard at work, it can be difficult to reply to leads instantly when they reach out, leaving your business vulnerable to losing leads to competitors that respond faster. The AI-assisted web chat will reply for you immediately, with impressive conversational behaviour answering FAQs and with the objective of getting a name and mobile phone number (or email address as a fallback), capturing the lead for your team to follow up with later. The AI-assisted web chat widget can be installed on any website, to engage with and capture lead contact info from visitors to the site.

Q: Will SMS messages be sent from a local number?
A: Yes. Upon registering, we will provide you with a local number for your business to text your customers.

Q: If I install the AI chat widget on my website, will it be only the AI agent answering chats, or will real agents talk to customers?
A: The web chat is 100% AI-managed lead capture. Small businesses are busy, and can’t always reply instantly – that’s why the AI assistant will get a website visitor’s name and number, and then notify the business they have a new lead – the business can reply via SMS as soon as possible, and move the conversation off the website and onto the customer’s phone.

Q: What websites are supported to install the AI chat widget?
A: You can install the web chat widget on any website where you can embed code in the element. Supports Website Pro, WordPress, Shopify, Wix, and more.

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