Sell Gift Cards Now for Loyalty and Revenue

There’s no doubt that many small businesses are being impacted by the COVID-19 global pandemic. One way to help keep some revenue flowing is to sell gift cards online to your loyal (and new customers).

Selling gift cards online may not be something that traditional brick and mortar businesses are set-up to do. There are a number of solutions to help merchants get their gift card sales online, even if they don’t have a gift card program in place at their brick and mortar location(s).

Sell Gift Cards Now for Immediate Income

When you sell gift cards online, you are able to reap the revenue of those sales immediately. The purchaser is able to use the gift card at a later date. It’s a great way to drive revenue, but it’s also a great way to drive customer loyalty. Customers want to help small businesses and giving them a practical way to purchase gift cards without having to visit a physical location satisfies their desire to support your business and to stay safe at home.

ECommerce Platform Not Required

A number of gift card programs provide for turnkey online sales without the need for an ecommerce solution. One such solution is Giftfly. They offer a fee-free solution for merchants. Customers pay a small convenience fee when ordering gift cards. You can set it up on your existing website or send customers to a Giftfly page with your branding.

Another vendor that can get you up and running with online gift cards right away is GiftUp. They offer branded gift cards that can be ordered online and delivered either by email or physical cards that are delivered by postal mail. GiftUp provides a standalone ordering page or it can be integrated in an existing or new website design.

Assess Your Online Strategy

This may also be a good time to review your entire online strategy. Perhaps there is a long-term opportunity to create an online revenue stream to compliment your brick and mortar operation. We can help you with a website design that meets your business goals.

It’s easier that you may think to start selling gift cards online. Now, as businesses that operate fully as brick and mortar seek online revenue, gift card sales are a great solution.

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