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How To Create a Website Strategy

As a marketing executive, I have routinely dealt with business owners who come to me with a specific request like, "I need a website" or "I need a brochure." My usual response is "Would you like fries with that?" That creates the pause in the conversation I need to explain that, rather than place and order for a specific item, we should first look at what we're trying to accomplish from a strategic perspective.

B. McGuire Designs Joins OUT Georgia Business Alliance

We are pleased to be part of the OUT Georgia Business Alliance. As an LGBTQ-owned business, we are proud to affiliate with this organization.
b mcguire designs joins out georgia
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Launching New Site for Truman Griffin

How to Storyboard Your Website

how to storyboard your website
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Sell Gift Cards Now for Loyalty and Revenue

Shining a Light on Minimalist Design

shining a light on minimalist design
cookie compliance

A Website Without Cookie Compliance is Half-Baked

Websites are Like Puppies

websites are like puppies

5 Things To Do Before You Hire a Web Designer