5 Reasons Why You Should Have a Blog on Your Website

Websites serve as digital marketplaces for businesses across the world. They are supposed to function like an actual salesperson. By attracting website visitors through your marketing and advertising strategies, your website is supposed to convert them.
5 reasons why you should have a blog on your website
How to Select the Best Web Design Agency for Your Company

How to Select the Best Web Design Agency for Your Company

Having a website is no longer a cool trinket that some businesses have and others don’t. Today, websites are important extensions of small and large businesses across the world. A fully-functional website can showcase your brand, inform potential customers about your products and services, and even convert incoming leads into new customers. Needless to say, purchasing one (or a new one) is not a task you should delay.

Privacy Please: The Website Privacy Policy and You

More and more countries, localities and states are enacting privacy laws which impact website owners. If your website asks for something as simple as an email address to subscribe to a newsletter, your website is probably subject to one or more of these laws. You need a website privacy policy.
website strategy

How To Create a Website Strategy

As a marketing executive, I have routinely dealt with business owners who come to me with a specific request like, "I need a website" or "I need a brochure." My usual response is "Would you like fries with that?" That creates the pause in the conversation I need to explain that, rather than place and order for a specific item, we should first look at what we're trying to accomplish from a strategic perspective.

B. McGuire Designs Joins OUT Georgia Business Alliance

We are pleased to be part of the OUT Georgia Business Alliance. As an LGBTQ-owned business, we are proud to affiliate with this organization.
b mcguire designs joins out georgia
truman griffin fitness

Launching New Site for Truman Griffin

How to Storyboard Your Website

how to storyboard your website
sell gift cards

Sell Gift Cards Now for Loyalty and Revenue

Shining a Light on Minimalist Design

shining a light on minimalist design
cookie compliance

A Website Without Cookie Compliance is Half-Baked