Do you have a traffic or conversion problem?

Each Website Audit includes dozens of tests to pinpoint all the ways to potentially improve your website. It includes user experience, conversion optimization, SEO/Online Visibility, performance and security, accessibility, content format and copy, website policies and other legal compliance considerations – plus we’ll give you specific fixes for every problem so you can start getting better results right away.

We will provide you with a report that details what we find and how to fix it. Uncover hidden problems that are creating a poor experience for your visitors and reducing your position in search rankings.

Professional Website Audit

Health Check For Your Website
$ 100
  • User Experience
  • Conversion Optimization
  • SEO/Online Visibility
  • Performance & Security
  • Content Format & Copy
  • Legal & Compliance
  • PDF Report supplied with action points

What's included in a Website Audit?

Our Website Audit looks at four key areas of your website. The results are supplied as a PDF report with action points to let you know what needs resolving. 

Design & Construction Analysis

We’ll look at how your website has been created in WordPress, including the themes and plugins that have been used. We’ll take care to note any non-standard features as well as to ensure that your website has properly licensed plugins / themes.

website audit
website audit

Issues / Problems Audit

We’ll check your website to make sure that there are no obvious bugs, issues or problems that would cause you problems in the future or prevent us from assisting you with a Website Care Plan. Any issues found will be noted along with appropriate action steps.

Performance Testing

As part of our Care Plan Audit we’ll carry out some performance and speed testing on your website. Your website should be loading in around 2 seconds or less for your target audience, to ensure that they can read and understand your message easily.

website audit
website audit

Website Security Review

Your WordPress website needs to be kept secure to keep everything running smoothly. We’ll review the current security protocols that you have in place, check your backup systems and ensure that everything is in good order.

Report With Action Points

Once we have completed the Care Plan Audit we will create and send over a PDF report document, with included action points. This will let you know any items that need resolving on your website to improve your security or fix any errors.

website audit

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Why do I need a Website Audit?

We only work with websites that are well built and error free on our Care Plans. We need to run an audit on your website to make sure that it’s a good fit for our systems. In addition, you get the bonus of knowing that your website is in good order and good hands. 

How long does the Website Audit take?

We typically need around 2-3 working days to complete your WordPress Care Plan Audit from the point of receiving your order. From time to time this may be a little longer, as it will depend on our current work schedule. We’ll always be clear with you as soon as we confirm your order.

Will you help me with my WooCommerce site?

Absolutely – we specialize in assisting clients with WooCommerce websites. It’s important to note that a typical WooCommerce website needs a lot more resources than the average WordPress website, so your choice of hosting may not be the best one currently.

How can I trust you?

We’ve been designing and maintaining WordPress websites for over a decade. Our friendly team is well versed in carrying our audits on websites and ready to assist you.

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