How to Use a Website Evaluation to Improve Performance

To put it simply, a website evaluation can provide you with all of the information you need to make the necessary changes and improve your website’s performance.

How to Use a Website Evaluation to Improve Performance

Every year, doctors urge people to visit their office for an annual checkup. 

The purpose of this checkup is to diagnose potential health issues and offer professional advice on how to live a healthy life. 

In the same way, a website evaluation is a comprehensive diagnostic test for your website. 

It checks for health issues that are affecting your website’s performance, in addition to areas of improvement to build your SEO strategy. 

To put it simply, a website evaluation can provide you with all of the information you need to make the necessary changes and improve your website’s performance. 

Check for Technical Issues

Technical issues can often go unnoticed until they become vulnerabilities, impact your visitor experience or, in some cases, make your website content unavailable.

For example, a potential customer may be thrilled about your products or services and visit a landing page. 

After doing so, they’ll get an error like this:

website evaluation to improve performance

This is embarrassing and can prevent search engine bots from fully ranking your website. 

A website audit can spot page errors like this to ensure that your website is in working order. 

An audit can also point out broken links to help establish a great first impression among your target audience. 

Check for Metrical Errors

Now, it’s important to request an evaluation to find metrical errors. These are simply issues with your website’s importance.

Here is a breakdown of the metrics you should pay close attention to during an audit:

  • Bounce RateThis is the rate in which people leave or “bounce” from your website without interacting with anything. Having a high bounce rate isn’t good for your website, and it means that your audience generally finds it to be unhelpful. 
  • Conversion RateYour conversation rate is a ratio of the amount of people visiting your website versus the amount of people who turn into customers, multiplied by 100. The conversion rate of your website is a direct indicator of its success. 
  • Website TrafficThis is simply the amount of people who visit your website. You can browse your most and least visited web pages to make improvements to your entire site. 

An audit will provide helpful information on all of these metrics to give you a greater idea on where your website stacks up against your competitors. 

Check for Areas of Improvement

Another helpful benefit of requesting a website evaluation is that you can scout for potential areas of improvement you can make on your website. 

You should expect to receive a comprehensive report of the website evaluation that includes actionable recommendations for improvements. It is a deep diagnostic into your website’s current state and should map out how to achieve an improved state.

Ultimately, making these changes will improve your entire website and put you on track to establishing a high ranking on search engine result pages (SERPs). 

Begin Website Maintenance

Good website maintenance is critical. For an existing site that has not had professional management, you should start with a website evaluation to improve performance. Once your evaluation has been completed, you should take the necessary steps to begin professional website maintenance. 

With website maintenance, your web developer will monitor and address any issues on your site as well as keep all software up-to-date, address any issues which may reduce speed and performance and give you peace of mind. 

Web maintenance is a regular process that takes place at least every month. 

To keep your website online and thriving, taking part in routine maintenance sessions is key. 

Improve Your SEO Strategy

Website performance and search engine optimization go hand in hand. 

If your website is technically sound, then major search engines like Google and Bing may index and rank your web pages faster. 

A website evaluation provides insight into how your developer can enhance your website and improve your overall SEO strategy. 

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