What Is Reputation Management and Why Is It So Important?

Do you ever worry about what people are saying about your business online? If you run a small Atlantan business, this really should be on your mind. Over 90 percent of customers find local businesses online, and 87 percent of them read reviews before buying. With good reputation management and a little help from a local Atlanta SEO company, you can take steps to ensure that people are reading only wonderful things about you and your brand.

What Is Reputation Management and Why Is It So Important?

A good reputation can be your greatest asset, and a poor reputation can be terrible for your business. But until now, you might have thought there’s little you can do to control your reputation beyond providing a top-notch product and terrific customer service. Actually, there’s a whole lot more you can do.

Join and Steer the Conversation

When strategically managing your reputation, you closely monitor every aspect of how your brand appears online to existing and potential customers. You go to the same online places customers go, and then you work diligently to improve your image in those places, paying special attention to the specific factors that influence people’s buying decisions.

You’re joining in the conversation about your company, and you’re steering that conversation in the right direction. As a result, bit by bit, your business becomes more enticing, you attract more customers, and your revenue grows.

Gain a Competitive Advantage

If the reputation of your business is currently somewhat lacking compared to your competitors, don’t fret. You can fix it. In fact, with the right strategy, it isn’t all that hard to improve.

Most business owners aren’t aware of how to boost their online reputation. Because of this, you can gain a huge competitive advantage by mastering this skill. You can proactively take control while they’re left floundering, counting on luck and hope alone.

How Reputation Boosting Works

Monitor All Reviews of Your Business

It’s wise to keep a close eye on customer reviews of your business in all the relevant online locations. Set up alerts so you know every time a new review is posted.

Take Steps To Generate Excellent Reviews

Encourage positive reviews from happy customers. And set up systems to resolve complaints before they become public.

Analyze Your Competitors

With your finger on the pulse, know everything your competitors are doing at all times. Take steps to ensure that your brand is always more attractive than theirs.

Keep Track of All Online Mentions of Your Brand

Use AI tools and advanced listening methods to instantly know whenever your brand is mentioned on a news site, blog, or social media platform. This way, you’re never left in the dark.

Monitor All Your Business Listings

Scour every directory listing of your brand. Make sure all info is kept up-to-date and accurate.

Optimize Your Social Media Presence

Take the hassle out of social media by handling it all on one platform. With minimal time and effort, stay fresh, relevant, and highly visible on all the relevant platforms.

Hire a Good Atlanta SEO Company To Help

All this might seem a little overwhelming. But with an experienced professional by your side, it becomes much easier, and you’re far more likely to be successful.

Get in touch with us at B. McGuire Digital today. We’re a local Atlanta firm offering effective budget-friendly solutions to the online reputation struggles of The Big Peach’s small business owners.

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