When Should I Consider a Website Refresh?

Websites, like other technology can become dated very quickly. Moreover, the pace of change in your markets requires that your website also keep up. When should you consider a website refresh? This article will guide you.

When Should I Consider a Website Refresh?

Like most investments, you should be able to tell when your website isn’t performing up to your standards. In which case, you should consider either repairing your website or creating a new one altogether. 

Many times, repairing a website is simply not an option. Though, if you don’t know this, you can end up spending thousands of dollars into a project that will ultimately go nowhere. 

With that said, are you strongly considering remodeling your website. If you are noticing these issues, then you need to make that decision as soon as possible. 

Your Website Doesn’t Appeal to Your Ideal Customer

Marketingprofs says that identifying your ideal customer may be one of the most critical activities in your marketing strategy. All too often a company will insist on design that appeals to them without regard for what may appeal to their target customer.

Take the time to evaluate your ideal customer and then hold that lens up to your website. Does it articulate your ideal customer’s pain points and make clear how you can solve them? Does it provide a clear call-to-action for the ideal customer to take upon visiting your website? Can it accomodate customers at different points in their buying journey? If the the answer to any of these is in question, then it is likely time to evaluate a website refresh.

Your Website Has Dozens of Structural Issues

Another indicator of the need for a website refresh is a growing number of structural issues. This problem can be a bit more difficult to detect. Structural issues, such as dead links and 404 page errors, can go unnoticed for a long time before your website starts to suffer. 

By receiving regular website maintenance, you can avoid common structural issues that can come your way. If your website hasn’t received maintenance in several months or even years, then you could be facing numerous structural issues. 

Website maintenance and repair can become costly if your website hasn’t received regular maintenance. In this case, it’s in your best interest to remodel your website to avoid spending more money on a broken site. 

Your Website is Bleeding Leads Every Month

If you have spent thousands of dollars over the lifetime of your website only to be seeing your hard-earned money go down the drain, frustration can mount up quickly. For example, if your website’s bounce rate is high and dwell time is low, then it has a fundamental issue. 

This crisis cannot be easily fixed, as there could be several reasons why people are visiting your website and leaving without doing anything. If your website has been draining your pockets for months on end, it’s time for a change. 

Preferably, you need to consider remodeling your website to save money in the long run. 

Your Website Provider is Unresponsive

Sometimes, website providers can go completely dark after finishing your site. This puts you in a precarious position to keep your website running without their help. What’s more is that you could actually be charged a massive hourly rate if you do contact a website provider to maintain your site. 

If your website developer is no longer responsive, then you’re ultimately left with a dead website. Unless you know how to operate it on your own, you’re going to waste a lot of your time and money. 

Therefore, you should consider remodeling your website completely if your website provider is no longer present. 

Your Competitors Have Better Websites

Take a look on the search engine results pages (SERPs) on Google and Bing. Also, take a look at your competitors’ websites. How do they look in comparison to your website? 

If your website pales in comparison to your competitors’, then you’re going to face an uphill battle to fight for business online. 

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