The Work

Sankofa Medical Charities

sankofa medical charities b. mcguire designs

Sankofa Medical Charities, Inc. is moving from private, word-of-mouth fundraising to full scale online fundraising. For this, they needed a website and the ability to collect donations online.

This was a greenfield project starting with a domain and website design. We added online donation collection functionality as well as a donor management system. In addition we integrated donor data with an email marketing platform for ongoing donor engagement.

This website is highly scalable as the fledgling organization grows.


Domain Registration
Email Setup
Website Design
Online Donations
Donor Management
Email Marketing Integration

Key Features

The key feature of this new website is the ability to collect and manage online donations. We used a best-in-class donation plug-in and configured it for this particular organization. This facilitates the collection of online donations, provides donors with a receipt and allows donors to access their donation history. It is integrated with Stripe to securely collect payment card details and process them. In addition, we added a donor management system which allows the organization to keep records of all of its donors, their donations and other pertinent details. Finally, we integrated the donation platform into an opt-in email marketing platform that will allow the organization to stay in touch with its donors and keep them informed about programs their donations are funding.
b mcguire designs sankofa medical charities