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A DIY website builder for small business is a great option for start-ups and businesses with smaller budgets. While many popular DIY website builders are of high quality, they tend to have limits. When businesses outgrow the capabilities of these DIY website builders, they generally have to hire an agency to rebuild their website on a more robust development platform. At B. McGuire Designs, while we do much custom web development, we wanted to find a way to provide a DIY website builder for small business owners that would allow them to grow without limits and to partner seamlessly with us if and when needed. Introducing Website Pro!

A DIY website builder for small business is a great way to create a website without having to learn coding or hire a web developer. Sometimes, a small business owner needs to start with something less custom and more affordable than an agency-designed website. These tools allow you to create a website using drag-and-drop tools and templates. When searching for a DIY website builder for small business, you will find a few out there but they often lock the user into their proprietary platform and leave few options when a business outgrows the DIY solution.

DIY Website Builder for Small Business Owners, Small Business Budgets

That’s why we created Website Pro. A DIY website builder for small business based on the leading website platform, WordPress. It includes free ecommerce, a free license to the popular drag-and-drop page builder, Divi and more. Hosting and performance enhancement is also included on the Google Cloud Platform.

Website Pro is a complete solution that leaves nothing out. We’ve even packaged it up with a great solution to provide your website with auto-updating privacy policies, disclaimers and terms of use to help make sure your business website is compliant.

DIY Now, Grow Without Missing a Beat

Website Pro is compatible with the tools and themes developers already use. This allows a business to grow from a DIY website to a fully custom-built website and then have the flexibility to move their website to any hosting platform they choose without having to start over again.

Website Pro is a WordPress-powered platform that allows small businesses and organizations to create a website using a simple, drag-and-drop interface.

Key Features of Website Pro include:

Create a beautiful website that is hosted on an incredibly fast, secure, and easy-to-use platform — it’s all possible when you combine the Google Cloud Platform with WordPress.

  • One-click eCommerce — We’ve teamed up with WooCommerce to provide easy-to-use eCommerce. With one click, the website is ready to go. Just add products/services to your store and start selling!
  • World-class hosting with Google — Enjoy world-class and automated storage, speed, and security. Gain peace of mind knowing your site is hosted with the most trusted source on the internet—Google Cloud Platform.
  • Robust CMS — WordPress is the number one Content Management System (CMS) in the world—powering over 60% of CMS based websites on the internet.
  • Website design made easy — Each website comes with Elegant Themes Divi Builder, an advanced visual builder that makes designing websites a breeze—no coding necessary. Because it’s WordPress, you can add other plugins or different page builders for a the most flexible DIY website builder solution.
  • Built-in security — Your website will perform automatic backups every day, allowing you to restore your site in one click. Plus, the included SSL certificate ensures your site provides the most secure connection to your visitors.
  • Engaging reporting — Your website comes with a detailed reporting dashboard that highlights key performance metrics such as your page speed, number of website visitors, and more.
  • A DIY website builder solution with the B. McGuire Designs team here to support you if you get stuck.

Website Policies

This attorney-built solution monitors privacy laws and helps keeps your website policies up-to-date.

  • Get and help stay compliant with CalOPPA, CCPA, GDPR, PIPEDA, UK DPA and more national and state privacy laws.
  • Website Policies offers privacy and other types of website policies such as Terms and Conditions, Disclaimer, and End-User License Agreement (EULA).
  • Set in and forget it. When you embed a Termageddon policy onto a website, it will automatically be updated whenever the law changes.
  • Automatically updating. The law is constantly changing, and keeping a constant eye on when you need to update a policy can be daunting. Save yourself time and money. We update the policies, automatically, whenever changes need to be made.
  • Override updates. Want to edit parts of the agreement? No problem, each section, when manually edited, remains intact, regardless of future updates.
  • Easy set-up. Answer a few questions to quickly generate any policy.
  • Unlimited changes. Websites are no longer static. They are constantly updating. When you add a new feature or functionality and need to update your policy, simply update the installations questionnaire with your change.
  • Sharing enabled. Easily share your installation with your web developer, client, or attorney. Users can add and update installation policies as well as copy the embed code to put onto the website.
  • Includes cookie notice and cookie policy generator. This free add-on automatically scans your site for cookies and generates a cookie policy as well as required cookie notice banner.

Website Pro is the DIY website builder for small business owners serious about a professional online presence that will grow with them. The all-in-one website builder, web hosting, and eCommerce solution provides everything you need to build and run a powerful online presence.

From creating your website to building a professional online store, our managed site builder will help you look professional, stand out, and work effortlessly. What’s more, Website Pro works with our free Business Center designed to give small businesses insight about their overall digital marketing efforts. Learn more about Website Pro today and start building a website that will grow with your business.

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