Website Design & Development

Website design and development to bring your story to life online. The design and development go hand-in-hand and each project is custom-crafted to give your website a truly unique look and your visitors a great experience.

Website Design Services

WordPress Content Management

We build every website on the WordPress Content Management Platform. WordPress currently powers more than half of the websites worldwide. It allows you to manage much of the content of the website yourself, saving time and money.

Responsive Development

All websites are built using responsive design techniques. This helps ensure that, no matter what device your website is viewed on, your visitors will have a great experience and be able to easily engage with your content.

Custom Theme Development

Your website won't look like any other because I develop a custom theme for every project I do. This way, I can make sure that your story truly comes to life exactly as we want it to.

Customized Admin Area

We provide you with a customized administration interface that helps streamline the work that you need to do yourself. Whether it's updating a blog, automatically collecting and publishing testimonials, or monitoring your eCommerce store. Your dashboard is built for you.

Help and Support Built In

We provide you with a library of how-to videos right within your admin area. These are a great quick reference for various tasks you may not do often. They also make it easy for your to train new admins. Also, an exclusive client knowledge base is available as well as a help desk.

Social Media Integration

Your website will be easy to share on social media. I include OpenGraph settings and images as well as schema files to tell various social media site what your website is all about. Social media icons on each page and other sharing functions are always built-in.

SSL and Security

Your website will include a SSL certificate so that anything from an email address to sensitive personal and financial information your visitors share will be encrypted and safe. Other security hardening measures, regular backups and monitoring are part of our Website Care packages.


Designing a great website is just the start. You need solid hosting to provide the best performance. We provide and manage hosting for your website as part of our Website Care plans using high quality cloud computing infrastructure.  If you wish to procure and manage your own hosting, we will provide specifications. 

Website Care

Once we launch your website, we have Website Care packages to help keep your website performing optimally, safe from attackers and updated with all the latest software. It's a fully managed service that our clients love because it lets them focus on their business without dealing with the fiddly bits of maintaining a safe, high-performing website. 

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