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Capture more leads while you sleep with an AI chatbot and a centralized customer communication system to help you and your team convert leads into customers.

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Conversational Marketing

The internet is more conversational and less transactional. Engage your website visitors conversationally and nurture them toward your solutions more effectively with chat.

NextGen Lead Gen

Static forms and boring surveys…forget ’em! Chatbots are a new engaging way to capture leads from your website visitors. 

Powered by AI

Simple conversational lead gen bots or powerful AI-driven bots that pull from the full OpenAI ecosystem can be built and implemented for your business case.

Introducing grōtalk™: AI chatbot development service.

Are you tired of traditional lead generation methods that consume time, resources, and effort, often yielding inconsistent results? Look no further! grōtalk is here to revolutionize the way you capture and nurture leads. Our cutting-edge service specializes in crafting bespoke chatbots tailored to your business needs, creating an engaging and seamless experience for potential customers, while effortlessly boosting your lead generation efforts.

In a digital age where instant communication and personalization are paramount, grōtalk AI chatbot development service empowers your business to capture, engage, and convert leads like never before. Elevate your lead generation strategy with our tailored chatbot solution and watch your conversion rates soar. Get started today and take the first step toward a more efficient and effective lead generation process.

AI chatbot development key features.

Tailored to Your Brand

At B. McGuire Designs, we pride ourselves on creating custom-tailored chatbots for businesses of all shapes and sizes. Our knowledgeable developers and marketing specialists work closely with you to craft a chatbot that speaks to your company’s individualized personality and industry specifics. With our chatbot solutions, generic conversations are a thing of the past - now, you can offer your customers personal, engaging interactions when they need them most.

24/7 Lead Generation

Envision leveraging technology to increase your lead generation capabilities with a virtual assistant that works tirelessly 24/7. With grōtalk, you can extend your reach to prospects from various time zones and provide prompt answers to their inquiries. No longer will you miss potential customers due to time limitations!

Instant Engagement

With grōtalk, it's easy to make a lasting impression on your website visitors. This intelligent chatbot quickly builds relationships by providing engaging and helpful conversations. Visitors can ask questions and get answers in real-time, leading to improved customer relations and higher chances of converting users into leads. Make your first impression count with grōtalk.

Data-driven Insights

Stay ahead of the curve by leveraging the data grōtalk can provide. We can track user activity, preferences, and issues that arise, allowing you to hone your lead generation approach, improve your offerings, and make sound choices for your business.

Seamless Integration

Worried about the technical complexities? Don't be. grōtalk seamlessly integrates into your existing website, and many CRM, and marketing tools. Our hassle-free integration process ensures you can start reaping the benefits without disrupting your workflow.

Cost-efficient Solution

Traditional lead generation methods often come with hefty price tags. grōtalk offers a cost-efficient alternative that eliminates the need for hiring additional staff, making phone calls, or running extensive ad campaigns. Save time and money while boosting your lead generation potential.

See grōtalk in Action.

grōtalk AI Chatbot Case Studies.

Grand Magnolia House

Wedding & Event Venue

ai chatbot development case study grand magnolia house

Truman Griffin Fitness

Personal Trainer

AI chatbot development case study truman griffin fitness

The Olive Bistro


AI chatbot development case study for olive bistro
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Instant Lead Text Notifications

A grōtalk implementation can include instant lead notification system, which sends text messages to sales teams as soon as new leads are generated. This feature is highly beneficial for businesses that depend heavily on lead generation, as it allows them to respond to new leads in real-time, increasing the chances of success in converting them to customers. With the ability to receive instant lead notifications via text messages, businesses can promptly follow up with their leads, get ahead of the competition, and ultimately maximize their profits. grōtalk is an excellent addition to any business’s current lead generation strategy.

grotalk new lead text alert
grotalk crm integration

CRM Integration

With grōtalk’s optional integration into your CRM system, you can now seamlessly put your leads right inside your business processes. This feature eliminates the need for manual data entry and ensures that your sales process is more organized and efficient. With grōtalk, your sales reps can spend more time selling and less time managing leads.

By integrating grōtalk into your CRM system, you can track all of your leads’ interactions, automatically assign follow-up tasks, and trigger sales workflows based on specific qualifying criteria. This allows your sales team to prioritize their efforts and focus on the most promising leads, while tracking how they are progressing through the sales funnel.

Put your grōtalk leads right where your sales team can use them without interruption to your established business processes or the need to learn a new system or process. 

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