Introducing The Sketchbook

Web design…it’s all about storytelling with your website simply being a medium through which you tell your story. We’re proud to introduce our blog, the Sketchbook. Like all good creatives, we like to sketch out ideas before committing them to code. (Ok, sometimes we “sketch” digitally, but still…).

We believe that the name, Sketchbook truly reflects our core principle which is to get to know our client and their business before we embark on a website design project for them. We will be sharing articles here that provide insight in all aspects of telling your story online…from fact-based listicles to musings and reflections of the team.

And, we practice what we preach. Having a blog on your website is one of the best ways to improve search engine results. Well-written, regularly posted blog content helps keep your website top-of-mind with the search engines. So, there’s that part of the Sketchbook mission as well.

So, welcome to Sketchbook. Always (hopefully) interesting, never sketchy.

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