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Organic searches make up the bulk of all clicks on Google, and Search Engine Optimization (SEO) gets businesses to show up at the top of these results.

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Our full-service SEO services are a Done For You solution for businesses that want to rank in the top 10 for specific keywords. SEO is a long-game marketing strategy, so this solution starts at 10 hours/month of work by a team of SEO specialists. Learn more about SEO and how our process will work for you below. 

What is SEO?

With terabytes of information stored on the internet, sifting through it all to find exactly what you’re looking for would take an impossible amount of time. Companies like Google, Bing, and other search engines developed tactics like crawling, indexing, meta tags, titles, keywords, backlinks, and digital authority to take the billions of active web pages and rank/organize them so when a user searches for a solution to their “emergency dog grooming” problem, the best answer to their inquiry appears right in front of them.

How SEO Works

In an effort to get specific sites in front of specific search queries, marketing companies have studied and mastered techniques that make up Search Engine Optimization (SEO). These techniques help organize websites so they appear at the top of search result clusters, giving companies the opportunity to interact with the best-primed leads for their business.

Our SEO Timeline and Process

Campaign Setup – Collect information and set expectations: Priority tasks include: Keyword research and selection, payment options, solidifying goals, reporting setup (Google my Business, Google Analytics setup, etc), monthly hour allocation, initial website analysis (reporting integration, site speed, loading, linking, indexing, etc).

First Month – Build a Strong Foundation: Priority Tasks Include: Campaign initialization, dashboard performance reports, internet-wide continuity, keyword integration (onsite copy, blogs, authority building, rank improvements), website optimization (service-specific pages, customer experience).

First 6 Months – Build Trust and Relevance: Priority tasks include: Business profile development (link portfolio, business directories), custom content (website recommendations, blog posts, article engagement).

6+ Months – Build on Momentum: With keywords starting to land in the top 10 of Google’s search results, the team will start looking at options for new keywords to broaden your search relevance.

Getting Yourself into Google’s Top 10

The process of getting your website into the top 10 search results differs from website to website. We have a variety of activities we can prioritize to suit your SEO needs and achieve your goals.The following page includes many, but not all of the SEO tasks we can do to help you succeed:


We conduct a pre-audit to gauge your website’s SEO presence. The information collected will help us create an even more personalized and effective SEO strategy for your website.

Keyword Research

We do extensive research, as well as a 4-stage testing process, to find the best keywords for you. Our process has a proven record of producing keywords that perform extremely well in Google rankings.

SEO Onboarding

After signing up with us, we submit a ticket to conduct an onboarding call with the primary contact at your business. This call will include a discussion of your strategy, keywords, and account setup.

Google Analytics Creation & Implementation

Our team installs Google Analytics on your website, giving us access to web traffic and other new data. This will give you a clearer view of your ROI and provide insights to help boost your site’s performance even more.

Google Search Console Creation & Installation

We install Google Search Console on your website. It will detect any errors that may occur. It also provides data that helps your SEO Success team ensure your site meets Google’s standards.

Site Speed Optimization

An SEO Specialist performs site speed optimization work on your website, removing the roadblocks that prevent optimal speeds. Google prefers faster sites, so this should contribute to better rankings.

Onsite Recommendation

Our SEO specialists review your target pages. We compile a list of required updates that will make those pages relevant for your main keywords. This is one of the most important steps to boost your rankings.

Insert Nofollow Tags into Onsite Links

We add a nofollow tag to one of the links on your website. This will help build and maintain your site’s authority by ensuring that your outbound links do not leak authority.

Robots.txt Creation & Implementation

We create a robots.txt file and install it into the back end of your website. This will ensure Google receives proper directions on how to index your site.

Google Local Business Citation

We create and optimize a Google My Business profile, giving it the best chance to stand out and rank in the local maps. This sends a positive signal to Google that you care about your business. It is also used as the basis for other citation submissions or subscriptions.

Business Directories

We submit your website to relevant online directories where it will be visible to potential customers. The links we place on these directories point directly back to your site, helping build your web authority.

Website Bookmarking

We submit your business information to a bookmarking site. This will help build your website’s authority.

Article Engagement

Our team submits comments for your business on a website or blog relevant to your industry. This places your business into conversations that expand your brand and online presence.

Aged Article Inclusion

We crawl the web to find relevant articles published within the last few months to few years. We then work with the site owner to get your business mentioned in the article[s] with a link back to your website. This will increase your authority online and should bring more ready-to-buy prospects to your site.

Custom Blog Publication

We create and publish a one-of-a-kind, custom blog post on a website relevant to your industry. This can help position you as a thought leader and a solution for potential customers.

Monthly Campaign Update

A member of our SEO Success team will reach out and update you on the status of your campaign every month. The primary contact at your business will be provided with an overview of the work we have done on your behalf over the previous four weeks. Included in all packages.

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