Getting Started With Small Business Reputation Management

One of the most important things for a small business is its reputation. It takes a lot of work to create a business that customers love, but making sure that love translates into online power for your business and that any negative sentiment is managed can be hard. Some simple strategies and tools can make it easily doable for small businesses

Despite what you might have heard or read, small business reputation management is not rocket science. While it is true that you’d best left it to experts, you can still take minute steps towards building up your brand. And like the saying, your baby steps would eventually result in giant strides. 

So, are you ready to be proactive about the reputation of your small business? Would you love a simple outline of the little things you could do to help? If yes, this article can help!

small business reputation management

5 Simple Hacks Of Small Business Reputation Management For Beginners

Start From The Social Media

It might sound surprising, but yes, your social media accounts are part of your reputation management. And since these platforms are where you and your customers already spend lots of time, it is best that you start your branding efforts there.

While you are at it, ensure you build a positive presence. Why? Well, do you know that 71% of customers who had a positive experience on social media with a company often recommend that company to others?

Summarily, you should explore social media for its marketing opportunities. And, you can start by conducting analyzes on your accounts to see how often your company name comes up. Then, ensure you respond to those mentions positively.

Ensure That The Details On Your Business Listings Are Accurate

After your social media accounts, check other online third-party directories. The chances are that you listed your business on those sites. If you did, check to see that the information is up-to-date. More importantly, ensure that all information about your business is accurate – every one of them, even the part with upper case letters. Why?

Inaccurate business listings show customers that you don’t care. And you can’t blame them; if you can’t ensure consistency and thoroughness for your business, why should they trust you? That’s your cue!

Respond To Your Reviews –Both Good And Ugly

According to a BrightLocal survey, 87% of consumers read online reviews for local businesses before purchase.  But it doesn’t matter if your business is local or global; you’d have reviews once you get listed on third-party directories. So ensure you respond to them.

While you might not respond to all positive reviews when you have hundreds, ensure you manage the negative ones to the point they become harmless. How? These guides would help:

Don’t Neglect Online Press

As a small business owner, you might not think much about press releases. You might even wonder what benefits they bring to you – who knows a starter like you, right? But you might be wrong; press releases are not only for fortune 500 companies – even your small startup can feature on professional media.

In essence, be on the lookout. You can set Google Alerts to help you stay ahead of mentions on press releases. And when you get the alerts, handle them like you would your reviews on third-party directories and social media – manage the negatives and upsell the cream of the crop.

But what if all the processes become overwhelming for you? What if you can’t keep up with the reviews and mentions?

small business reputation management

You Can Always Get Help

There are many facets to small business reputation management. Each one needs to be managed on a regular basis and this, especially for small businesses, can be pretty overwhelming.

If you prefer a less overwhelming approach to managing your small business reputation, try reputation management software. With one, you can monitor all your reviews and mentions. We are built to help small businesses thrive in today’s online marketplaces. Check out our reputation management solutions today and see how the right tools can make the job easier!

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