5 Reasons Why Website Maintenance is Necessary

Once your website has been completed, who is there to ensure that it will run at maximum efficiency? Is there anyone you can count on to maximize the performance of your website?
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5 Reasons Why Website Maintenance is Necessary

Once your website has been completed, who is there to ensure that it will run at maximum efficiency? Is there anyone you can count on to maximize the performance of your website?

You can’t just build a website and forget about it. Much like a car and a home, it will require continual website maintenance. Some businesses may drag their feet at inquiring about maintenance, believing that it’s not important or they can do the work themselves.

Website maintenance is highly important to the success of your website and requires technical expertise, usually from the person or agency that built your site. Here are five reasons why your website should receive regular attention from a web design agency. 

1. Ensures Optimal Site Security

Believe it or not, but websites face constant security threats on a daily basis. 30,000 new websites are hacked every day. Without the proper security measures in place, your website could fall prey to a hacker on any given occasion. 

Through website maintenance, developers can spot vulnerabilities in your website’s defense. For example, they may notice that your website’s plugins are going to become outdated soon and will need to be uploaded.

Outdated plugins are one of the leading entry-points hackers can access to compromise your entire site. If these issues are scouted out in advance, you can have the peace of mind knowing that your site is safe and secure. 

2. Increases Web Traffic

The whole goal of having a website is to accumulate website traffic. The more people who visit your site, the more chances you have to convert new customers. But, if no one can find your website, then it’s already doomed from the start. 

Through maintenance, developers can perform an audit to find issues pertaining to search engine optimization (SEO). This is the process of increasing the ranking of your website on search engines.

By finding errors and making improvements to your SEO, your developer can successfully direct more web traffic to your website. 

3. Boosts Returning Traffic

Once new website visitors come to your website, you’ll want them to stay and come back. Sometimes, people don’t convert as soon as they visit a website. They may rethink their options and come back, only if they were impressed with your site. 

Unfortunately, you’ll never know if your web visitors are enjoying your website unless you request routine maintenance. Once you do, a developer can check the bounce rate of your site.

Bounce rate is simply the rate in which web visitors leave your website (or bounce away) without doing anything. A high bounce rate means that your web visitors generally find your website to be unhelpful.

A low bounce rate shows the opposite and usually coincides with a healthy conversion rate. Developers can also access other fundamental ways of boosting returning traffic to your website. 

4. Optimizes Conversion Rate

Conversion rate is defined as the rate in which a lead becomes a customer. If your website brings in 1,500 monthly searches and you’ve made 75 conversions, then your conversion rate is approximately 0.05%.

Through maintenance, a developer can take a look at your conversion rate and make improvements to your website to boost its profitability. 

5. Fixes Costly Errors

As your website undergoes changes throughout the years, errors are bound to happen. For example, if you’ve switched your web pages around, 404 errors can lurk and suddenly prevent a potential customer from accessing important information.

Website errors are embarrassing, unprofessional, and damaging to your reputation. Allow a developer to find them and make repairs in maintenance. 

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