This new organization needed a full brand identity, guidelines and asset package. In addition, the new website provides prospective clients an overview of services, FAQs, and serves as a lead conversion point.

Brand Identity

We developed the brand identity and provided comprehensive brand guidelines.


We designed and developed a website based on the brand standards.


Website maintenance to help maintain website security and performance.

Our agency created a brand identity, developed brand guidelines, designed a website, and continues to provide website maintenance.

Brand Identity Development: Drawing inspiration from the essence of Wisdom Within, we tailored a logo symbolizing wisdom and growth, and curated a harmonious color palette reflecting balance and harmony. These elements were carefully crafted to deeply resonate with Wisdom Within’s audience.

Brand Guidelines: Our team created comprehensive brand guidelines encompassing logo usage, typography, color schemes, and tone of voice to ensure consistency across all touchpoints, guiding each communication to authentically embody the essence of Wisdom Within.

Website Design: Translating Wisdom Within’s essence into a captivating and user-friendly website, we engaged visitors with immersive storytelling, intuitive navigation, and compelling visuals that invite exploration of the brand’s transformative offerings.

Website Maintenance: Beyond launch, we provide ongoing website maintenance to uphold optimal performance, security, and user experience, ensuring that Wisdom Within’s online presence remains impactful and seamless.

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