grōtalk Chatbot Serves Up Online Ordering Assistance for The Olive Bistro

Olive Bistro, a Mediterranean restaurant in Atlanta, wanted to boost its online sales and customer satisfaction by using a chatbot service. B. McGuire Designs, an Atlanta digital marketing agency, created and integrated a custom chatbot using grōtalk, their proprietary chatbot solution. grōtalk is an AI-powered chatbot that can engage website visitors in natural and helpful conversations, answer their questions, provide recommendations, and capture their contact information and orders. The chatbot was designed to match Olive Bistro’s brand personality and industry specifics, creating a helpful experience for customers placing online orders. It helped remove burden from staff taking phone orders, especially during busy service times.


The Olive Bistro is an authentic, family-owned` Mediterranean restaurants with multiple locations in Atlanta, GA. In an increasingly digital age, they recognized the need to enhance their online presence and streamline the ordering and reservation process. To achieve this, they decided to implement the grōtalk AI chatbot on their website. This case study explores the objectives, implementation process, and outcomes of this AI chatbot deployment.


The primary objectives of implementing the grōtalk AI chatbot were to:

  • Improve quantity and accuracy of online orders
  • Ensure orders and reservations placed for correct location
  • Improve website visitor engagement
  • Offload phone-in to-go orders during busy times


Vendor Selection:

The Olive Bistro opted for grōtalk, based on an the marketing expertise of B. McGuire Designs and grõtalk itself, a reputable AI chatbot solution known for its natural language processing capabilities and ease of integration.

Location, Location, Location:

grōtalk was customized to align with The Olive Bistro’s branding and offerings of online orders, by location, for pickup or delivery. It also directs visitors to the proper reservation system for each location. Finally, it guides visitors interested in catering to place their catering orders.

Training and Testing:

Before deployment, the chatbot was extensively programmed to guide visitors to place orders, book tables, and order catering with location-specific information. Testing was carried out to iron out any bugs and ensure smooth functionality.

The grōtalk chatbot, which we’ve named “Oliver,” serves as a team member and literally guides visitors to place online orders correctly. It does what I had to do 2-3 times/day over the phone so now I can spend that time on running the business.

Kay Davidson – Co-Owner, The Olive Bistro


Improved Quantity and Accuracy of Online Orders

Shortly after deployment, The Olive Bistro experienced an in online order quantity. The chatbot’s ability to guide users through the menu and offer personalized recommendations significantly contributed to this and it reduced the number of “troubleshooting” calls the staff had to make with patrons ordering online. Additionally, order accuracy improved, resulting in a reduction in order-related complaints.

Correct Location Selection

The chatbot effectively guided users’ location preferences, ensuring that orders and reservations were made for the correct restaurant branch. This eliminated confusion and improved customer satisfaction.

Enhanced Engagement

Website visitor engagement saw a notable uptick. The chatbot successfully engaged with users by providing restaurant information, suggesting dishes, and swiftly addressing inquiries. Users spent more time on the website, exploring menu options and reading customer reviews.

Time and Cost Savings

The Olive Bistro also noted time savings, especially during high service times when staff don’t have time to answer the phone to take orders. Other routine queries that would have previously required staff intervention were now handled efficiently by the chatbot, allowing staff to focus on delivering high quality service to dine-in guests, helping to drive positive reviews and additional revenue from new customers.


The implementation of the grōtalk AI chatbot at The Olive Bistro proved to be a strategic move in achieving their objectives. The chatbot not only boosted online orders and ensured accurate location-based orders but also significantly improved website visitor engagement and off-loaded the burden of phone-in orders, especially during busy service times. This case study showcases how AI-driven solutions can enhance customer experiences, drive revenue, and streamline operations in the restaurant industry.

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